Ugly, but good. Keto chicken & dumplings

Yields: 2 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 5 Hr Total Time: 5 Hr 20 Mins
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Kinda like me, not the prettiest thing out there, lol. When I served to Karen, she looked at it and said “WTF did you make?” then took a bite “this is outstanding.” So ugly, but delicious. I’m sure you can make it look a lot prettier, I’ve set the bar pretty low :).

It was coldish Saturday (low 40s) and the day was my day to play with my VW Bus, Ducky – if playing is defined by lots of swearing, broken parts, and somehow black flies – but also since it was the weekend, my day to cook.


So, I grabbed a chicken breast, tossed it in the Instant Pit for the day on medium slow cook, and headed outside to get pissed off while it cooked. Mission accomplished on both fronts :). Since I was chilled, my original plan of shredded bbq chicken was scrapped and I whipped up chicken & dumplings instead. You can do this in a slow cooker, Dutch oven, pot on the stove, or your multi cooker (pressure cooker with slow cook setting).


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  • Slow cook the chicken in broth for at least 4 hours until it falls apart. Loosely shred and remove from liquid, set aside. Whisk glucomannan into cold water until dissolved. Slowly pour into broth, whisk well. Cover. Turn up broth to high. Mix remaining ingredients into a dough. I’m basic, I dump all in a bowl and cut loose. Or, you can be proper and whisk eggs, the add Mayo, then dry. Your choice. I’m lazy:). Drop dough in hot broth in about 1” clumps, spreading them out so they are evenly distributed in the broth. Cover immediately and let cook for 4-5 minutes. Spoon broth over the top of dumplings, cover for two more minutes. Distribute chicken into bowls. Using ladle, distribute dumplings on top of chicken, then add broth. Serve.

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