Sweet n Tangy Keto-safe BBQ sauce

Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 Mins
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So the other day I made grilled bbq pork chops with grill asparagus. Came out lovely if I do say so myself. I didn’t have any of my usual go-to sauce (Guy’s Sweet and Smoky, love that stuff) so I had to whip up my own. Yes, this started from making grill pork chops, but I’m pretty sure no one gives a damn about how to make pork chops on the grill, so I’ll keep this simple and just tell you about the sauce. Like commercial sauces, feel free to use this for other meats as well or even toss it over some broccoli for a change of pace. Probably won’t go so great on chocolate chip cookies but if that is how you roll, who am I to judge? 🙂 It has a nice tangy to it with just the right sweet, and can be made smoky with just a change in one ingredient and adding a little of another. There’s recipes out there that use ketchup as the main base, honestly, I’m not a fan. I like ketchup as much as the next person but I think too much of it in BBQ sauce makes it tangy ketchup, not exactly what I’m looking for. If that is how you like it, then by all means rock your badass self and go that route. I’ll even put in the ingredient notes this option. How about that for accommodating :).

I will give you two little tips when it comes to the chops – this seems to be a bigger issue with pork than beef or chicken – if it frustrates the hell out of you like it does me when you have this beautiful BBQ coating, then move it to your plate and it ALL SIDES OFF, do these two things:

1) salt your pork a few hours before coating and cooking. Give it shake about 1/4 tsp on each chop, both sides. Let it sit in the fridge on a paper towel-covered plate. This will help remove water from the meat. Not only does this keep your coating from washing off, it helps the meat cook better – you will actually cook it instead of steam it from the inside.

2) right before you coat it, toss the chops in some whey protein isolate, just enough to dust it. This gives the sauce something to bite into and stay on the meat (same idea as dusting before you dredge and batter fried foods).

Enough Hobbit babbling, let’s get to the good stuff.


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  • Add everything to a sauce pan and stir well. Taste test it. Does it need adjusting to your tastes? Do it now but be aware that heat and sweetness may increase as it is heated and cooled, so don't go too nuts.
  • Bring to gentle boil over medium heat, stirring as need to prevent burning\sticking. Reduce to med-low and simmer for at least 20 minute or until thickens to right consistency. Remove from heat and let cool before storing. Can store in fridge for at least a week or longer due to the acidity from the vinegar and tomatoes. You can freeze this as well.


Nutritional information based off my ingredients and a 2 tbsp serving:
Calories: 10
Carbs: 2g (gross, not net)


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