Hobbit Crack the Code – Keto-safe Tempura batter, no grains, no gluten

Spread the loveThis is one from the archives that is worth resharing. I won’t ramble on, I do that enough in my new posts :D. …

Ugly, but good. Keto chicken & dumplings

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Kinda like me, not the prettiest thing out there, lol. When I served to Karen, she looked at it and said “WTF did you make?” then took a bite “this is outstanding.” So ugly, but delicious. I’m sure you can make it look a lot prettier, I’ve set the bar pretty low :).

Sweet n Tangy Keto-safe BBQ sauce

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I’m pretty sure no one gives a damn about how to make pork chops on the grill, so I’ll keep this simple and just tell you about the sauce. Like commercial sauces, feel free to use this for other meats as well or even toss it over some broccoli for a change of pace. Probably won’t go so great on chocolate chip cookies but if that is how you roll, who am I to judge? 🙂 It has a nice tangy to it with just the right sweet, and can be made smoky with just a change in one ingredient and adding a little of another