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SheCallsMeHobbit was started in 2015 as a unique ketogenic lifestyle and recipe blog. This branched out into authoring a series of cookbooks called “Ketofy Everything,” the tenet of everything we do. We believe strongly that in order to be successful, you must treat the entire person – body and mind – and work with the knowledge that none of us are the same. You are unique, just like everyone else. What works for you might not work for me. This means that if you want to make Keto a life-long lifestyle, you need to make it sustainable. In many cases, that means that food isn’t just fuel, it is social, it is personal, it is fun. Ketofying foods that you typically could not have because of too high carb levels can be the key to success.

Over the years, a lot has changed in the movement. To keep up with these changes, SCMH is restructuring and rebooting the brand. Our philosophy hasn’t changed, how we reach and assist others is expanding.

Let’s build something together.