Hobbit reviews: Silk’s non-dairy Half n Half.

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Why am I looking at, let alone using a non-dairy half n half? As we’ve discussed recently (and I’ve been preaching this for years), dairy isn’t always your friend. While yes, you can cut it out completely, that kinda sucks when it is iced coffee weather or if you want to use a cream-like liquid in a baked or cooked recipe. Up until recently, there were not many options. There have been on the market for a while non-dairy creamers – both in powdered form and liquid – but most of those are a) flavored and b) sweetened, usually with a sugar product. Not really ideal for us living the keto lifestyle. We now might have an option.

I found that Silk makes a non-dairy heavy cream substitute as well. Unfortunately, it was on the shelves at one store within 100 miles of me for two weeks, then disappeared. That’s too bad as I really liked it for making non-dairy ice cream. As typical up here in the middle of nowhere Maine, this stuff just seems to show up, sell out, and never return. Kinda pisses me off. On a positive note, two of the stores I frequent have started carrying the Silk non-dairy half n half. While not a direct replacement for heavy cream, it is close.

First, let’s look at the ingredients:
Coconut Cream
Oatmilk (so if you are grain-free, nope)
Coconut oil (so more than what is in the coconut cream)
Faba Bean Protein (aka aquafava, bean juice)
Baking soda (I assume as a preservative)
Gellan Gum (emulsifier)

Not horrible, and actually kind of better than the chemical shitstorms from Coffee Mate and it is unsweetened. It doesn’t have tree nuts in it so that helps people with nut allergies. If you are doing “clean” (never really got that label, like somehow anything not meat or greens is “dirty” but you do you how you want to do you), then no, this won’t fit for you because of the oats and the legume protein. If you are not so strict but dairy is an issue, read on.

At $2.99 a quart, it is priced within kicking distance of dairy products. I’ll give this a thumbs up. Nutritionally, it is on-par with dairy, actually has lower carbs than dairy half n half. But, the real question is…is it any good?

It is. Consistency is closer to cream than half n half. It’s kind of thick and definitely creamy. It blends well with hot or cold drinks. So, you get the cream that you want but with less calories, that’s cool. The taste is neutral, definitely more like dairy and a LOT less like coconut milk. Dunno how they did that, but I’m not complaining (not a big fan of coconut). If I’m going to be honest (and I am cuz me lying to you is not cool), I like it better than dairy. There. I said it. I like it better than dairy. Less calories, good taste, better texture, lower carbs. Most of all, no casein. I don’t have a problem with casein, Karen does, but you know what?
I don’t care. This stuff is good, reasonably priced, and now has a home in the house of Hobbit.

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