Keto on a budget and the greatest investment you can make for $0

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Here’s your Quick Fix, guaranteed success!! Got your attention, huh? We all want a quick fix. We don’t want to suffer or do extra work! Sorry. This isn’t a quick fix. You can’t undo years in a few weeks or months. This isn’t a diet. This isn’t a fad. This isn’t 1-800-EAT-FATS Nope. This is bigger than that. The first four parts of this series have been on how to shop while on keto and not going broke, I’d be a BAD HOBBIT if I didn’t talk about something else before I get to sweeteners… and that is the process of making the most critical, most expensive yet inexpensive investment. Investing in yourself. This is your LIFE. Make it healthy. Do it RIGHT. BE INVOLVED. If you wander around the internet keto blogs and groups, there’s a lot of stuff out there that you can spend money on – promises of pills that will ‘put you into ketosis in minutes,’ ‘keto coaches,’ ‘pay for meal plans,’ recipes\mixes you can only get if you buy their cookbook, and ‘7 day cleanse’ programs. Some work, some don’t. NONE are required. As I’ve talked about in earlier segments of the ‘Dollars and Sense’ series, keto doesn’t have to suck you dry financially. You don’t NEED anything SPECIAL to succeed. Wait. Yes you do. That ‘special’ thing is YOU. There is no magic pill that is going to undo years of damage. There’s no supplement that is going to transform you into the best you that you can be. It isn’t that easy…yet, it isn’t that hard either.

Ketone Supplements:
I HATE seeing these things out there, not only because they are MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing…AMWAY anyone???) but also because they don’t work and they are a waste of money. The ketone supplements out there that promise to put you into ketosis quickly are CRAP. You know what they are? Powdered MCT oil (coconut oil with the long chain fatty acids removed) and CAFFEINE!! Yes. A ballistic coffee in a pill. Seriously. I’d much rather drink my morning happiness than choke it down. Any respectable keto resource is going to ban anyone from promoting these.

Keto coaches:
These aren’t always that bad, but you must be careful WHO your coach is. Some have only a passing friendship with science, some are dangerous to your health, and some are just in it to sell you more things. While I have absolutely no problem with people making a living, and being compensated for their time, work, and knowledge, I have a huge issue with taking advantage of people. If you feel the need to have someone hold your hand, then a coach might be for you, but on the other hand, there are many free resources that can accomplish the same thing – connect with people on Facebook and make your own relationships. If you don’t want to do this, then research your coach well. Make sure they are licensed and certified. Make sure they are a nutritionist and not just some lifestyle coach. Yes, keto is a lifestyle, but it is based off nutrition! I can point you in the direction of a fantastic coach that I’ve known for years, is brilliant, compassionate, certified, and knows what the hell she is talking about. Check out Wholistic Keto on Paetron or contact Karen directly by email.

Buying meal plans:
Why? Did you start keto and completely forget how to human? You’ve been eating for your whole life and I assume since you were old enough to reach the stove or microwave, you’ve been feeding yourself as well. Why the need to have someone else tell you what you need to cook on Monday, Tuesday, etc? This isn’t a diet plan. This is a fundamental change in how you LIVE. Did you eat food every day before? What has changed? Did a chicken breast magically become an exotic dish overnight? NOPE. Oh, so we are dropping the carbs out. Ok. Eliminate grains, pasta, breads, Twinkies, Oreos, and sweet veggies. Replace with green leafy veggies and keto-friendly side dishes which you can find recipes for all over the internet for FREE! Don’t over-think this. Seriously. It isn’t rocket science, it’s EATING. Start with the basics and let go of the stress (and hold onto your money).

Yes, I sell a cookbook here and I’ll will be releasing another one this summer. Making a cookbook is significant work but we CHOSE to do that work. We also CHOSE to incur the costs of creating recipes, which can be quite substantial at times. That isn’t YOUR fault. You shouldn’t have to compensate us for something WE CHOOSE to do. Most importantly, we don’t keep any of the money, it goes to charity. Right. We are not profiting of your desire to have a better life. Not from the cookbooks. Not from the products we sell.

I see no reason to ‘hold back’ recipes and make them cookbook-exclusive. How are you going to know if the recipes are worth PAYING FOR if you don’t know what they are? All the Hobbit and Keto Iron Chef recipes in our cookbook are right here on the site. NOTHING is held back. We put out a cookbook for those who wanted one, but we also understand that buying a cookbook isn’t a necessity for everyone, might not be affordable, and we want people to enjoy our recipes and succeed no matter what their circumstance is. I’ve made other people’s recipes that look great and taste like ground up skunk feet with a side of rat poop. I’d be furious if I paid $30 for a cookbook to get a specific, exclusive recipe and it turned out like crap and wasted MY MONEY not only on the cookbook, but expensive ingredients! If the author is holding something back so you will spend money…pass.

Cleanse programs:
Keto is by nature cleansing. You eliminate the processed foods and toxins from your diet just by going keto. Pass on these. Not only are they a waste of money, they can be very uncomfortable to do and potentially create more health issues than you already have. Yeh, that’s worth spending money on…

So what do you do? Would you hire someone to raise your kids 24/7? I’m not talking about a babysitter, daycare, or even a nanny, I’m talking about someone who becomes the parent of them for money, only giving you updates on their lives via email a couple of times a week, yet still expect that child to bond with you? No you wouldn’t. Would you go clothes shopping by randomly walking into stores, asking the clerk for clothing out of the back room, not try it on, and expect it to not only fit, but look awesome and be a fantastic value? Nope. Would you buy an energy-saving device that unscrews the light bulbs when you leave a room, or would you save that money and use, oh, I don’t know, a light switch instead????? Would you pay to have empty trash cans emptied anyway? Nope. So, if none of these things get the Hobbit stamp of approval, what does? YOU. Invest in you. That means EDUCATE yourself. Learn YOUR BODY. Read. Read some more. Watch videos. Then read again.

I donated to a charity, in return I got a sleeve of address labels. I haven’t mailed a letter in 10 years… If you buy our cookbook, you at least get something useful in return. We didn’t make this blog to sell cookbooks. We enjoy doing it and enjoy helping people. Each of your comments, your success stories, your improving your lives are our payment. Instead, INVEST IN YOU. Charity begins at home. Take that money, buy a glucose meter and strips, and learn how to use it, use it to make changes to improve your health. Take that money and buy whey isolate, almond flour, and meat, whatever. Make meals with LOVE for you and your family. Take that money and buy weights or a gym membership. Put that money into building up you from the inside out. Take that money and buy a new outfit that YOU think YOU LOOK GREAT IN, spend it on your self-esteem. Not my ego.

You are your own best coach. If you want to succeed, you need to be a part of the process…and not a bystander. See something you don’t recognize as a term, acronym, or just doesn’t click with you? Look. It. Up. Ask questions. You don’t have to ‘get’ science to be alive and healthy. What you do need to do is learn what works and what doesn’t for you as an individual. This requires some effort, some ‘blood equity’ in YOURSELF. You are your greatest investment. We have ONE life. Don’t waste it. These four things have become a meme, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value:
Everything we do needs to be in support of those FOUR things. That’s all that matters. If you can nail those, then you can accomplish ANYTHING. Yeh, even fitting into that size 4 dress that you wore in high school (not that it’s still in style but you know what I mean ).

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