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I’m excited to announce that Ketofy Everything Because You Matter, my most recent release, is now available in hardcover. While the standard cookbooks that I’ve offered in the past have always been soft cover – and that works well I think for a cookbook – Because You Matter has always been a bit of a different animal. I’ve had requests in the past to release this as a hardcover but for a variety of reasons, this didn’t happen. Recently, I was approached with a unique invitation to change this, and make it available at a price point I’m comfortable with. I’m honored to have been chosen for this, being just a simple Hobbit :).

This is a full-sized (8.5-11) hardcover book, 147 pages of hand-selected articles, musings, and recipes from SheCallsMeHobbit. It is available on Amazon as of this morning for $24.99. Delivery is free if you are a Prime member. The paperback version is still available as well for $10 less. As with everything I do, any proceeds above and beyond what is needed to keep the virtual doors open here will go to charity. I’ve chosen for this release to support Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. This organization funds scientific research to find cures and treatments for a broad spectrum of mental afflictions – ranging from addiction to depression to schizophrenia. 100% of donations go to research and not operational costs (operational cost are covered by funding from two related private foundations), this is important to me.

I’m currently working on the second book in the Because You Matter series with all new content, expected to be released this summer in both soft & hardcover. As always, thank you for your support, and be good to yourself. You matter.

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