Keto on a budget, let’s go nuts

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Keto on a budget, let’s go nuts! What about nuts? Do you HAVE to use them? THEY ARE SOOO EXPENSIVE!! What about my PEANUT BUTTER???? When is a nut, not a nut. All nuts are seeds, but not all seeds are nuts. Some are just that – seeds. Others are legumes – you know…beans. Beans are a seed but not a nut. Wait. Beans? Can we have beans????

Maybe. Depends. Can you fit them into your macros and budget? If so, then yes. Specifically, peanuts and peanut butter without sugar added and cashews. Yes, those are not nuts, they are legumes. Unfortunately, cashews are pricey, so let’s just skip right past them and they are high in carbs. Peanuts can be relatively affordable, but you want to shop around. Consider PBFit powder, while more expensive than a jar of Skippy, because all the liquids have been removed, you get 2-3 times the number of servings per container. Yeh. More economical.

What about NUTS that are NUTS?? Almonds. Walnuts. Pecans. Brazil nuts Macadamia nuts. Ouch. Those hurt at the cash register. The hurt even more when you add on flours and meals to the grocery list. So, do you NEED to use nuts? NO. NO YOU DON’T. Nuts are a luxury, a ‘nice to have’ like grass-feed everything. Nuts are good with fat. They have good minerals. They have some protein. So, do a bunch of other foods that are a less expensive. Get nuts as a treat, not a staple. Whatever you do, don’t get your nuts in the baking aisle. You know, those bags from Fisher Nuts or Blue Diamond? Yeh, the ones on the shelves right next to those lovely…errrr…horrible Nestle Morsels? Don’t go there. Well, don’t go there unless you LIKE 1) being tempted and 2) want to spend more money than you must. How much more? How about anywhere from 50-200% more! Yeh. I thought so.

So, you want nuts but if you don’t get them in the baking aisle, Hobbit, what do you do?? Shake a tree? Nope. I’m gonna send you some place you probably don’t frequent. You know that section in the store you avoided like the plague when you had Doritos, HoHos, and bags of Oreda fries in your cart? The section since now that you are on a budget you also avoid because, hell, that crap is EXPENSIVE?? Yeh. The ORGANIC SECTION. Wait. WHAT?? THAT SECTION REQUIRES GIVING UP YOUR FIRST BORN AND TWO LIMBS JUST TO WALK DOWN!! Nope. Not all of it. You know those ugly tubes on the wall, with the stupid scoops that spill over, bags that you actually HAVE TO FILL AND PUT YOUR OWN LABEL ON?? Yeh. Those. Look pass the 14 types of rice, every trail mix you can think of, and granola loaded with oats. Find the nuts and seed. Those prices are less. A lot less. And you can pick how much you get…yeh…to fit your budget. I know, I know, but then you have to bag your own food, weigh it, deal with a few nuts\seeds falling out of the scoop. This is gonna add 5 minutes more to your shopping time! But, what if I told you that those 5 minutes saves you $5. That’s like taking a salary of $60 an hour. Sounds better, doesn’t it? Get your nuts in the organic bins.

While you are there, look for something called ‘Pepitas’ aka pumpkin seeds. Why? They are CHEAP. In my area they are less than $5\lb, or half as much as the nuts right next to them. Yeh, but you’re thinking…pumpkin seeds? HA! If they are that cheap, they must SUCK! No. No they don’t. In more ways than one. They taste pretty good. They save money. They can be ground into a flour for baking much easier (and less wear on your processor\blender than say… almonds). They are more nutrient-dense than most nuts. They have many of the minerals we need when keto.

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