Keto Iron Chef’s Keto-Dumpling

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling
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More keto Asian recipes from the Keto Iron Chef. This Keto Asian dumpling, spring, or egg roll recipe is from the archives and is worth giving a new lease on life. Back when this was originally posted, things like inulin and casein powder were hard to find in US stores, but readily available in the Keto Iron Chef’s home country of Indonesia. Now, you can find these ingredients on the shelves in many chain stores as well as from Netrition, Amazon, and other online retailers. There’s no reason not to try these and damn, LOOK AT THEM!!

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling

I’m sorry for not making spring rolls as a single recipe, this recipe also represent the whole spring rolls recipe too. If you want to make the Keto-Spring Rolls, just fold the dumpling skins with spring rolls method and deep fry them.

You can deep fry or panfry these Keto-Dumplings as well as steaming them like the original dumpling version.

8pcs Dumpling (@25g)

Nutrition Fact (without the sauces)
* 1 serving 200g (5,9g Net Carb : 19,5g Protein : 14,6g Fat)
* Per Dumpling 25g (0,7g Net Carb : 2,4g Protein : 1,8g Fat)

* Dumpling Dough
Dry Ingredients
35g Inulin Powder
10g Casein Protein Isolate
5g Egg White Powder or one egg white (reduce water by 2tbsp)
1g Xanthan Gum
1g Salt
1g Garlic Powder

Wet Ingredients
40g Warm Water
5g Coconut Oil

* Dumpling Filling (150g)
50g Skinless Prawns, diced
50g Cabbage, shredded
20g Shitake Mushroom, sliced
5g Egg Yolk Powder or one egg yolk well-beaten
1 tsp Coconut Aminos
1 tsp Oyster Sauce
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp Onion Powder
1 tbsp Coconut Oil (for sautéing

* Dumpling Topping
Chili Sauce
Peanut Butter Chili Sauce
Coconut Aminos

For Dumpling Dough : Sift all dry ingredients together until well combined a bowl.  Add warm water gradually with speed 1 on the mixer until rough dough formed. Proceed to speed 2 on the mixer, add the coconut oil until an elastic and smooth dough is formed Remove the dough to counter or silipat and continue to knead with your hand until the dough become smooth and just a little tacky. Divide the dough into small balls (about the size of a golfball) and set aside.

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling

For Dumpling Filling : Heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil on a sauce pan with medium heat,  add the diced prawns until golden, followed by the shredded cabbages and sliced mushroom until veggies start to soften. Add all the other dumpling filling ingredients and stir to combine until fragrant. Turn off the heat, add the egg yolk powder, stir until combined, set aside to cool. Once cool, divide the dumpling filling into 8 parts (@10g) and keep the left over on the refrigerator for future usage (up to 3 days on refrigerator).

Assemble :
using rolling pin, flatten each dumpling dough into circle and put the filling in a ball in the center of each flattened dumpling. Wrap the dough and lightly assemble into half moon shape

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling

Make a seam on the outer circle of the dough by folding from one edge to another edge in dumpling folding pattern (see pictures) and pinch closed. Steam the dumplings for 30 minutes on low heat or deep fry them until golden brown for crispy dumplings.

Serve with chili sauce, peanut butter chili sauce, or coconut aminos as the soy sauce substitute.

Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Dumpling

* Note : be creative with the filling by using chickens, meats or white fish.

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