Hobbit Reviews QUEST Peanut Butter Cups

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So a while back, one of my first (crappy) videos was a comparison review between the Lily’s and Equate Keto Peanut Butter Cups. That was an epic showdown between pricy, standard-bearer of the market against the evil Walmart conglomerate and their private label Equate brand.

SPOILER ALERT: It was a toss-up. The Lily’s tasted marginally better, but the price and size doesn’t make it a great value. The Equate are larger, considerably less expensive, and tasted pretty decent. If I want a great peanut butter cup and am feeling fast and free with my $$, then the Lily’s get the nod. Unfortunately, that’s pretty damn rare, I’m a cheap hobbit so the Equates are what we stock here at home. They are priced well enough that we keep a box around pretty much all the time, because, well, of course we do :).

While I was out for EMS work this past weekend, I stopped at Cumby’s. For those of you not in New England, that’s Cumberland Farms, a regional chain of gas station\convenience stores. They are pretty clean, well-stocked, not bad prices (for a conny store), and they have $1 any size drink 365 days a year. Can’t beat that with a stick. Being a hobbit, that means a 40oz iced coffee to go, thankyouverymuch :). I wasn’t feeling the snacks I had brought along with me – when you work EMS you never know when you are going to get to eat so I always bring a stash with me, but what I put together the night before just wasn’t what I wanted that morning. So, pulled into Cumby’s to see what they had for choices. Usually they carry both Quest and Think bars. One I’m a fan of. One I am not. Check out THAT video if you are curious. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find the Quest Peanut Butter cups there. I hadn’t tried them before since this is the first place I’ve seen them for sale. Watch the video and see what I think of them!

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