Simple Keto-safe FREAKING Waffles (or pancakes)

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I got told by someone that they don’t make waffles because they are too hard, too complex. WHAT? WAFFLES ARE SIMPLE AND BRILLIANT! Make grain free, gluten free, keto-safe waffles in MINUTES!!


1 Egg
1/3c liquid (nut milk or other)
3/4 cup almond flour
1tbsp whey protein isolate
1/2tbsp baking powder
1/2tbsp vanilla extract
2tbsp maple-flavored syrup

Preheat waffle iron on med high (3 our of 4 on my iron) Beat egg and liquid until smooth. Add dry ingredients. Mix until smooth. Liberally grease iron on both plates. Add half batter, spread to edges. Close iron. If iron rotates, wait 15 seconds and flip. If not, then proceed. Waffles will be done when steaming almost stops and you can no longer hear any pops. Serve!

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