Site moving, new videos, cookbooks back in publication, new plan!

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I’ll be migrating this site to a “.net” domain. Yes, again, lol. There’s some features not available on the standard WP platform that I want to tap into. I guess I’m going to be writing again :). I’m going to try to find a balance between videos (which I’m really having fun with) and posts. We will see how that goes…

I’ve been surprisingly flooded with requests for my old cookbooks. I had taken them out of circulation last year just because I didn’t feel like dealing with the taxes with everything going on with the pandemic. As in the past, ALL proceeds go to charity, I keep nothing for myself. They are available on Amazon in Kindle and paper formats. All print books are available in full-color, or black and white at a reduced cost.
My author page:

My latest book – Ketofy Everything, Because You Matter (2019):

A bunch of new videos have been put up:

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