2021 Update

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I haven’t monitored this site in a long time, if you have asked questions or left comments, I’ve missed them. I got out of the keto blogging\recipe world several years ago. WARNING: there’s also as much – if not more – misinformation, misunderstood concepts, and flat out lies circulating the interwebs now as there was in 2015 when it comes to keto. Be smart. Do your research. Do what works for you.While we still lead a keto lifestyle, the keto world has changed a lot since SCMH started 5 years (WOW) ago. There’s many great bloggers, cookbooks, and commercial products on the market that didn’t exist years ago. With this coupled to the complete shitshow of the USA since Nov 2016 and the horror of 2020 – yes, COVID 19 is real, people are dying, people are suffering long after they are no longer positive – it just isn’t worth the time, effort, and headaches to continue with being a keto blogger. To those who followed and supported me all those years back, thank you, you made SCMH one of the top 15 keto blogs in 2016 & 2017.

So, where does this leave things and why am I writing this?
Good question :).
I need a distraction from everything that is going on out there in the world. I’m a volunteer EMS first responder as well as a Sr Sys Admin for a SaaS, the stress can be high at times and the need to disconnect from both is a key to being healthy. I’ve decided to experiment with a few things here and on my YouTube channel and see if there’s any interest in some or all of what I post up. I’ve gotten a few toys to play with, a few more will be coming when the weather gets better and we move back home, and we are always trying out new stuff across a variety of different things. A few ideas I have:

Sharing adventures working on, upgrading, and exploring in Sir Ducky, my 1979 VW Bus that I’ve slowly worked on-and-off over the last 13 years. Once a non-running theatre prop, he’s now equipped for camping, exploring, and general mayhem.

I will share some stuff about life in rural EMS (without violating HIPPA, of course). It can be fun, exciting, heartbreaking, but ultimately, very rewarding.

What is like to live in rural Maine in general.

Other ideas are honest, useful product reviews. I’m thinking on stuff that we wish we had known before we bought something. It might be a keto-related product

Health\beauty stuff, the better half does a LOT of research into these things. Yes, I’ve moved away from the male tendency to use one product for everything… apparently there’s better stuff out there than something that can be body wash, shampoo, conditioner, engine cleaner, pest control, laundry soap, car wash, and dish soap all in one bottle. Who knew???

Kitchen appliance, or something else… like how good is the cheap generator from Walmart, is Harry’s Razors worth it, or what is it like buying a car (or 3) from Carvana?

All the old content will still be here, I’m not going to delete any of it though I won’t be updating any old posts. I might respond to comments on them, really depends as I don’t work with a lot of the recipes I used to post, I just don’t have as much time to play in the kitchen like I used to.

I hope a few of you join me on this adventure, let me know if anything is useful (or not), and have a little fun. Be safe. Be smart. Live your life on your terms.


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  1. hi scott
    long time, always wondered how you were getting along, good luck

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