Measure twice, cut once – why ‘lazy keto’ might not be working for you.

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Hey, you know what I woke up to yesterday, the last week of April?

What the hell?
You know what is still on the ground today?
Have you ever tried to mow snow? Doesn’t work. Yes, I’ve tried it. Hey, I figured it might work like a snowblower…
Hobbits don’t always have the smartest ideas…

Measure twice, cut once.

Ok, so what does Hobbits mowing snow have to do with keto?
How the eye-brain connection isn’t your best source of measurement.
Yes, I have a point :).
I looked outside yesterday and relayed to my sister we got about 2in of snow (she lives in the desert and likes to make me feel like a dope for living where there’s snow �? ). Just for giggles, I measured it.
Guess what?
It wasn’t 2in of snow.
It was 4.5in of snow.
125% more than I thought I saw.
Eh, but it’s just snow, right?
What if that was, sayyyyy… pecans? Blueberries? A burger?
What if I’m watching my weight and carbs?
How would this be affected?

Say I grab a handful of pecans. I’m thinking yeh, that’s just a little snack. Hell, it doesn’t even take the edge off. I could eat that whole bag… but I won’t. That would be BAD. But a quick handful – what, maybe two tablespoons worth? How bad can that be?

Perceptions – Pecans: 2 tbsp chopped – 85 calories. NOT BAD!! My hand isn’t that big, after all, I’m a Hobbit.
REALITY – Pecans: ONE CUP! 684 calories! That’s 1/3 of all the food I can eat today!!!!!!

What about some blueberries, you know, they are ok to have once in a while, right? Toss a few into my protein pancakes that don’t suck for variety :).

Perception – Blueberries: 2 tbsp 3g carbs. I can handle that. Wait. That’s about 8 berries, that’s only one per pancake. Seriously??? That can’t be right, I’ll add a few more.
REALITY – Blueberries: 1/2 cup (about 30 berries or 5 per pancake) 12g CARBS. HALF YOUR CARBS FOR THE DAY JUST IN BERRIES!

Ok. So you might be thinking ‘well, that’s just those few things,’ but it’s not. I would do this all day, I bet you do too. Think about it.
It adds up.
Next thing you know, you’re waaayyyy over your calories, fats, and carbs.
Gee, why did I ‘stall???’
You overate.

Today in one of our groups, we had a thread going on this very subject. I posted up this pic of ONE chicken breast I pulled from our freezer and asked people to guess how many servings it is. The first guess was one or two, upgraded to 3.


It’s actually 8.5 servings. 29.333 oz. 969 calories, 204g of protein. 22g fat.
An actual serving of chicken breast is 3.5oz uncooked which comes out to about 3oz cooked if not pre-brined.

I think I made my point or at least I hope so.
Soooo, what is the solution??
The complete opposite of what we tell people to measure their progress.

Measure twice, cut once.

They aren’t expensive, you can find a decent electronic one for under $13. We have one that we use daily, cost $11. Ok, so $11 for a scale when you can use that money for food instead?
Your success and health could depend on it.
Look at it this way, would it be worth it for you to spend $11 if it can help you get off medication? Feel better? Look better?
Do it.

Here’s another reason you should have a scale: baking.

As a foodie, I do post all my recipes in standard baking measurements because honestly, it seems that grams confuse people while the archaic cup and\or teaspoon makes perfect sense. Here’s the thing… when I make my recipes for myself, I don’t use the old school measurements. I use grams. I then convert them all for you to volume measurements because that’s what people want.
There’s a problem with that…
Volume isn’t accurate.
If a recipe doesn’t come out, I read where people say they used the same ingredients, they’re fresh, and they measured exactly.
Exactly… what?
For example, I say ‘1/4 cup coconut flour.’ There’s MANY variables to that such has the brand, how fine it is, how packed it is, is it to the top of the cup? A little higher? A little lower? Is your cup the same exact size as mine?
I’m going to bet it isn’t.
How do I know this?
I have 4 different individual 1/4 cup measuring cups PLUS 3 multicup measures that have 1/4 marks.
Now, maybe we’re only talking a 1/4 of tsp difference. Or maybe we’re talking a teaspoon or more. Why is that a big deal? Say with coconut flour, for each extra teaspoon in a recipe, it needs AT LEAST an extra tablespoon of liquid. So, either you are going to be too dry, too wet, or the balance of the whole recipe just got thrown off…and that’s with just one ingredient!

Or even worse, take concentrated stevia. Now, stevia is SUPER SWEET. How sweet? One pound of stevia has the same sweetness as 675 pounds of sugar or Sukrin. THAT’S REALLY SWEET…. and not in the good way if overdone.

How hard is it to overdo it?
Not hard at all.
This is one tsp of stevia concentrate, equal to 1 cup of sugar:


This is equal to 1.5 cups of sugar because I packed it:


They look identical, don’t they? But one is 1 and a half times sweeter than the other. We just went from a tasty cake to one that will make your lips pucker.

So, if  you start to see me posting grams of measure instead of volume, this is why. I’ll give people a little while to catch up and get scales :).

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