It’s only one day, it’s not your whole life…

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So, how many of you are not that happy today with yourselves? Overdo it for the holiday? If so, IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. It’s one day. Really, that’s all it is. Today is a new day and a chance to do something completely different than you did yesterday. So, maybe you feel like crap. Maybe you are 4-5lbs up today from water weight. Ok. It happens. What you don’t need to do is something drastic. As a matter of fact, that’s probably the WORST thing you can do, but if you do, you will far from be alone as in the next 3 weeks, more people will start a diet than any other time of the year. How many more? 97% more than any other three week period in the year – including bikini season. Oh, and guess what? 87% of them will quit before Easter. Generally, it has been determined they quit not because they succeed, but because the don’t see the results they want in the period time they want and find the ‘diet’ too restrictive to sustain.

Well, we’ve got this, don’t we?
Damn straight.

We know these things already:

  • A properly applied ketogenic diet that fits OUR needs, physiology, and neurology works.
  • A properly designed LIFESTYLE that incorporates ketofied foods that we enjoy makes this more sustainable.
  • Being out of ketosis will add 3-6lbs of water weight.
  • Going into ketosis will drop 3-6lbs of water weight.
  • Any unproductive gains of the past are temporary if we want them to be.
  • We – if overindulge – did not fail, we are not failure. Nope. We tried something different and the results weren’t that productive.
  • We know how to do something productive and can do it because we have in the past.

We’ve got this.
We made a decision yesterday and it didn’t work, the beauty of it all is we get another new day to make decisions. Funny how life is like that :). And yes, we made the decision. No one forced the food into us, we did it for a variety of reasons – not wanting to insult someone, not wanting to be the outcast, not wanting to have a fight, etc – but we DID it. We own it. We move on.

I’ve made it well known that I didn’t go into this willingly. I fought it hard. I had my ‘big fail’ in the parking lot of Walmart with a dozen Boston Cream donuts. I’m still here. I’m better now than I was then. If I can do this, you can too :).

Some of you are frustrated with people you know and love. How can they not ‘get’ what they served isn’t good for you (or them). Guess what?

Not too long ago, you didn’t get it either.
I didn’t get it.
We didn’t get it.
Have patience with them.
Understand they mean well, they just don’t understand.
Hell, when we first started this, I went out and bought $$$ in gluten free foods, not understanding that ‘gluten free’ doesn’t mean ‘carb free.’ Damn, there’s a difference? �?�

I’m going to ask you to do something for me. If you ‘cheated,’ ‘was weak,’ or ‘overdid it’ … sound off in the comments or join up with Keto Plus or Ketogenic Diet Open Discussion on Facebook. Talk about it. These are three safe places to do so. Those two FB groups allow it where others don’t. Why?

Facing and moving on.

By opening up, talking about this, we heal. We get it out there and make it real. We find that we are not the only ones, we are not ‘bad, failures, cheaters’ and we are definitely NOT ALONE. There’s strength in numbers. We find support, ideas to stay on track, and new resolve to keep it that way. We all fall, it’s human. What we don’t have to do is stay down.

If you haven’t read Why We Do What We Do, give it a read. There’s a reason why The Keto Iron Chef and I ketofy foods in the face of many who say we shouldn’t. It’s called sustainability. A lifestyle. LIVING.
Sorry, but living ain’t living unless, well, you’re living :).

Keep living. Yesterday is gone. Today is here.
Together, we can change our lives.
Together, we can make a difference in each other.
Together…we’ve got this.

A special thank you to Michela Schwartz for the photo that is leading this post. She posted it on Keto Plus with the comment “The book said I could eat the whole tray, sorry Santa!” (LOL!) and I fell in love with it. She’s graciously allowed us to use it here.

Happy Holidays from She Calls Me Hobbit

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