Black Friday… or Porcelain White Friday? Going off the reservation on Thanksgiving.

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Black Friday. We all know it’s a thing. People standing line outside of Best Buy or Walmart for hours and hours, waiting to get that cheap TV or some other thing for someone they love for the holidays. Having worked in retail, I HATE that day. I refuse to leave my house now on the day after Thanksgiving (which makes it sound like I don’t refuse to leave my house the other 364 days of the year, we all know that is crap 🙂 ). Look back at that sentence:

“for someone they love for the holidays”

Why does that someone have to be SOMEONE ELSE?
Love yourself.
Like yourself.
Do something for you this holiday season.
What is that, Hobbit?
Improve your life. Be proud of yourself. Love yourself.

Many people will “go off plan” this week. Many people will change the way they eat for one day. ONE DAY. It’s not a big deal, right? Or is it? I can hear the excus….errrrr…. reasons now:

They didn’t have anything keto-friendly.
I didn’t want to get crap for the way I eat.
I didn’t want to get into a fight.
I didn’t want to feel alone.

You know what you are really saying?


Ok. So you wanted to. Own it. Admit it. You know who owns you and your body? Not your mom. Not your grandma. Not your uncle. Not your sister. Not me. Not Facebook (although at times I question that…).


Be your own boss. Love yourself enough to do one of two things – do the very best for yourself, or admit that doing the very best for yourself isn’t important. Whatever choice you make, own it.

I might sound harsh, I’m not trying to be. I’ve well-documented the times I’ve gone off the reservation because I wanted to. I own that. But you know what? If you chose to do like I did, you didn’t fail and you are not a failure. To “fail” is to attempt something and get significant negative UNEXPECTED results. You know this isn’t going to go well so it isn’t “unexpected.”

It isn’t a failure. It is actually a success of a potentially misguided choice.
YOU, no matter what, are NOT a failure. Get that out of your head. To “be a failure” isn’t a thing. Oh, I know, you can THINK you are one. You can FEEL like one.
But you are not. Stop thinking you are and feeling like you are.
You’re still living, right? Still breathing? Heart still pumping? Still love your kids\parents\significant other\furbabies? Then you are not a failure.
You are alive.
Now love yourself again, because if you can’t, it makes it hard for anyone else to do the same and hell, love is all we really got in this life.

So, back to the Black Friday thing. Say you make the choice not to stay on your plan for the day. I ask you to look at it this way:

Would you go to Best Buy on Friday and buy $5000 worth of items, knowing you only had $200 in the bank? Would you say “I want this stuff for SOMEONE ELSE because I don’t care that it’s going to cost ME $100s in fees that I’ll be trying to make up for the next week and stress me out, maybe even make me sick to my stomach when I realize I haven’t paid the electric bill or my car just broke down and now I can’t fix it for 2 weeks?”

I hope not. Eh. I’ve done it. It sucks. For that matter, would the person you are doing this for want you to, if they knew it would cause you so much distress?
I hope not.

So, say you do this. What are you looking forward to? Hopefully not shopping on Friday because there’s a good chance you are going to feel like crap, possibly worse than when you very first started keto. Worse? Yeh. When you first went keto, you had withdrawals. Now you are going to have withdrawals AND not enough gut bacteria to handle the carbs, which means…


Karen and Rachel cover more in depth what you might face, how to minimize it, and some other good information in the podcast below. Listen to it, even if you are planning on “being good” this week.

Ok, so did you listen? Do you know what you are going to do?
No matter what you chose to do, remember this:

I still love you.


I still love you.

Now, read this aloud or in your head but instead of the goofy voice of the Hobbit, do it in your own voice.

And trust this, regardless of your decision, I’m going to be here to help you in however you need it. Promise.

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