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Happy Monday! Let’s talk about empowerment – Stage 1. We’ve brought up “empowering” you in conversations in the last few weeks. We want to empower you so you can help yourselves and help others. Give you the tools you need to be the best you possible. That’s what we are all about – helping each other and others. Empowering you achieves that. Ok, so what do we really mean by empower?

empower (verb em·pow·er \im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r\): make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

When I first started bring this up, I only had in my head the stuff we’ve already started – teaching about ingredients you might not be used to, talking about mixing up ratios of ingredients, and eventually, showing you how I approach ketofying recipes that are not initially keto. That has expanded a little. Getting back into watching all the groups and questions, I realize there is more we can do here. Let’s not just empower you in the kitchen, let’s go Full Shane :). The best way to empower is knowledge. Knowledge can’t be taught, it must be learned. Get what I mean by that? I can show you 100,000 times how to do something but showing you isn’t involving you. Knowledge comes from acceptance. Acceptance comes from within. This means you have to be involved in your health and education.

Yeh. Going back to school sucks, don’t it? 🙂 It’s ok, there’s no detention, no assigned seats, and lunch period is as long as you want it to be :D. We want you, we NEED you to be involved. We want you to learn, not just follow our directions. First thing to know is there is a lot of information out there. Some of it is good. Some of it is open to interpretation. Some of it is flawed. Some of it is just wrong. There are studies that are flawed. There are studies that only target a specific thing. There are studies that are paid for by “benefactors” that only want a specific result. There are ones that are well done.

Don’t believe everything you read. Bloggers don’t need to be right and they don’t need to actually know what they are talking about to post on the internet. There are some out there that still insist “Mikey” died from eating Poprocks (…he didn’t). Question EVERYTHING you read – yes, that includes what I tell you. If something sounds too good to be true, ask. If something sounds different than what you heard two weeks ago, ask. If you get ripped into because you ask, don’t engage, educate yourself instead. Walk away. Learn. Return stronger. EMPOWERED.

Google is a great tool IF USED RIGHT. If you search on a subject and the first page is Dr. Oz, Livestrong, and other questionable sources, go to page two. Look for some science. Look for more than ONE source. Read them. Compare them. Look to see if they provide any scientific references. Look at the references. Studies can be confusing, if you don’t understand what they are talking about, ask for help. That’s what we are here for. Read ALL of the study, not just the conclusion. It really is important to know what the methods they are using.

Here’s an example of a study that gets passed around a lot in some groups (and is used by several bloggers as “proof” that “protein spikes blood sugar!”). What amazes me that this still gets pointed to as proof, when the flaws are really obvious to someone with some knowledge if THEY JUST READ IT!

This study did show a significant increase in BG after a group ingested protein in powdered form mixed with water. Now, first, I’d love to point to this study but I CAN’T FIND IT! Do you know why? Because it’s CRAP. Go ahead, try it. Open up Google and search “whey protein blood sugar spikes” then come back here.
Did you do it?
Did you find that study right at the top of the search results?
Did you find endless results showing that whey protein spikes blood sugar?

You didn’t.
You found just the opposite, didn’t you.
If you go back about 15 pages, you’ll find it. Someone had to really look for it and HAVE AN AGENDA to use this one. Sadly, that is what happens. So, this study:

You know why that study posted in places is wrong? No one bothered to read the entire content. Yes, it did show a significant increase in BG, that I will agree. But, what people missed was how the study was performed. I read it. Something jumped right out at me. They gave 2 different drinks to the participants: Whey protein CONCENTRATE and the other BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). Both showed a significant increase in BG.
They should considering the screwed up way the study was done…
Screwed up??
Whey concentrate contains not only whey, but lactose… MILK SUGAR (it also contains casein which can cause inflammation). Ok, so with that in mind, we might see a small bump in BG from the lactose. That makes sense, but not to the levels that they showed, hmmm. Maybe there is something to this after all?


The part that SCREAMED at me ‘THIS IS CRAP’ is the BCAAs. Why? BCAAs CANNOT BE CONVERTED TO GLUCOSE! How did I know this? Because I researched BCAAs. It’s chemically and metabolically IMPOSSIBLE.
BCAAs bypass the liver. They are KETOGENIC aminos. They cannot be broken down into glucose. PERIOD. So, why the spike?
So, yeh, the BG spiked but NOT FROM THE PROTEIN!

If you just read the conclusion and the introduction, you would have missed this. Everyone else did so you are excused.
Not any more you aren’t :). I want you to look for these things. I want you questions everything, everyone. Having PhD doesn’t make you an expert or even honest. Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean you know the latest, most accurate science. Being a blogger doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about.
Yes. I repeat. That includes me.

Now, keep this thought in you head as you read in the group, ask yourself “does this make sense?” Remember, there are very few absolutes when it comes to the human body. 100 years ago it was medically recommended to smoke tobacco to cure asthma. Even to this day we hear about “healthy whole grains.” Question. Everything.

“fat doesn’t make you fat” – well, actually, it can
“calories don’t matter” – Ummm, they do. Sorry.
“you don’t need to count fiber carbs” – Nope, you don’t. Unless you do. Then you should.
“don’t worry about sugar alcohols” – unless you have to worry about them. Then worry.
“Canola oil is one molecule away from plastic” – yes it is, and hydrogen peroxide is one molecule away from water. One molecule isn’t why canola oil is bad. Hint: polysaturated fats are the issue.
“Keto will kill your kidneys” – well, if you have an existing kidney disease, you may want to be careful. Otherwise, sorry. Bunked.
“That’s not keto” – that word? It doesn’t mean what I think you think it means.
“It will spike your blood sugar” – are you sure? How about getting a cheap meter from Walmart and proving it yourself?

In the end, the only thing that really matters is YOU. You are the key to YOUR health. That is the only true absolute. Other “facts?” Don’t trust them. Look it up. Learn. Empower yourself. Be involved in YOUR health.

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