The Keto Iron Chef’s Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry – Rolled Baklava)

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)
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The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)

* For Baklava Phyllo Dough
Dry Ingredients
15g Casein Protein Isolate
10g Whey Protein Isolate
5g Egg White Powder
5g Egg Yolk Powder
15g Inulin Powder
1,5g Psyllium Husk
1g Xanthan Gum
1g Salt
1g Sucralose
* Note : The first 7 ingredients above are the Keto-Flour formula for this recipe
For crisper crust the Keto-Flour can be changed into this formula : 15g Wheat Protein Isolate 8000, 10g Casein Protein Isolate, 10g Whey Protein Isolate, 5g Egg White Powder, 5g Egg Yolk Powder, 5g Inulin Powder

Wet Ingredients
30g Water
3g Coconut Oil

* For Brushing Phyllo Dough
5g Melted Butter

* For Baklava Filling
40g Diced Almonds
20g Sesame Seeds
20g Grated Parmesan Cheese
10g Egg Yolk Powder
10g Ricotta Cheese
1g Salt
1g Nut Meg Powder
3g Cinnamon Powder
15g Sucralose
20g Butter

* For Baklava Sauce
30g Cream Cheese
60g Heavy Cream
5g Inulin Powder
5g Sucralose
1g Salt
5g Butter

* For Baklava Phyllo Dough
Whisk all dry ingredients on a medium bowl. Add water gradually, then stir using spatula until a rough dough formed, then switch using hand to knead the dough until elastic. Add the coconut oil and knead again until smooth

Rest the dough for 10 minutes

Divide the rested dough into 2 equal parts. Using roller pin, flaten each dough into rectangle, then fold the vertical edges into the center of the dough. Roll again to flaten, then repeat the folding from the horizontal edges into the center of the dough and flaten to make smooth edges of rectangles.

Rest the rolled dough back for another 10 minutes

Continue rolling each dough using a pasta machine up to the thinnest setting, so that the sheet would be very thin and transparent (stage 7 – 8 setting on the pasta machine)

* For Baklava Filling
Combine all the Baklava filling ingredients onto a food processor, then pulse several time until a coarse paste is formed

Shape the paste into a log, with the length being measured to fit the rolled Phyllo dough width. Divide the log into 2 equal parts, set aside

* For Baklava Sauce
Melt butter on a small sauce pan, with low heat.

Add heavy cream and cream cheese, then stir to combines

When the mixture has bubbles, add in inulin powder, sucralose and salt into the mixture, then turn off the heat and stir until the mixture thicken

Remove the sauce onto a small sauce bowl, set aside

* Assemble
Preheat the oven into 300F

On a silicone pad, spread the melted butter thinly using brush, over each phyllo sheet

Put one filling paste log on one side of the phyllo sheet (leaving 1/3 space of the sheet width), then wrap the paste and fold by keeping the sheet tightly wrapping the filling up to the other edge of the phyllo sheet

Make a seam by brushing an egg white on the last edge of phyllo sheet as the glue

Cut the bottom edges of phyllo sheet on 4 side using scissor, then fold into the center creating a seam (use egg white for the glue)

Repeat the steps for the other phyllo sheet and filling paste log

Arrange them onto a greased muffin or cup cake mould, with the seam facing the bottom

Bake for 10 – 15 minutes, until the top edges starts to darken

Serve the Keto-Baklava by pouring the sauce over the dome until it’s flowing over the edge like a lava from a mountain..LOL

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Baklava (Turkish Phyllo Pastry - Rolled Baklava)

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  1. Looks good! But I don’t really buy protein powder much.

    1. Everyone has different needs and likes:). The Iron Chef uses a lot of protein and inulin in his recipes, things that are easy for him to obtain in Indonesia. Below is his response to why he prefers some of them 🙂

      “The inulin can do what starch do
      Which is creating a 3 dimentional structure after hydrated
      It also makes a polymer with the protein powders to create a network structure that stay rigid after bakes
      Specially with casein isolate
      Since casein is the one that makes mozarella extendible
      But cant captures gas produced by the leavener .. such as baking powder, baking soda, or yeast on proofing (fermentation)
      So the inulin will become the gas pockets and the casein will be the web that holding those gas pockets
      Then… Boom
      Gluten + Starch properties.. has been KETOFIED..
      And the other ingredients such as whey protein.. is for creating the soft crumbs, creamy and helps browning for the crust
      While egg yolk powder.. is the bulk ingredients that gives melt in ur mouth sensation
      And egg white powder.. well it does what an egg white do.. but without the liquid that can make a dough or batter recipe became soggy
      Xanthan works great for batter recipe but psyllium is needed for dough recipe.. that needs extra network to help strengten the casein – inulin network
      BUT.. all this much protein are nothing compare to what gluten can do over yeast leavening action
      Coz yeast can create so much lactic acid that can degrade the protein so the structure will collapse if the dough was being overproofed
      While gluten can be very strong everytime we knead the dough.. and can sustain more lactic acid than any protein does
      Thats why its important to keep an eye during proofing (rising the dough) if using the casein-isolate combination
      It only needs to rise 1,5x time from the original size.. as to not overproof the dough. And makes it collapse after bake”

      ~The Hobbit

  2. Hobbit meets the Holy Grail? Keto Phyllo – I would like to know other modernist or ancient ingredients (is there a flavorless mastic?) that would help with keeping dough together and allowing the stretch. You’re great!

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