The Keto Iron Chef’s Keto-Crannoli

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Crannoli
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The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Crannoli

  • Servings: 3
  • Difficulty: easy
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The Keto Iron Chef's Keto-Crannoli
A hybrid of Croissant and Cannoli in a Ketofied Way

* For Crannoli Dough
Dry Ingredients
15g Casein Protein Isolate
10g Whey Protein Isolate
5g Egg White Powder
5g Egg Yolk Powder
15g Inulin Powder
1,5g Psyllium Husk
1g Xanthan Gum
1g Salt
1,5g Cinnamon Powder
5g Sucralose
* Note : The first 7 ingredients above are the Keto-Flour formula for this recipe
For crisper crust the Keto-Flour can be changed into this formula : 15g Wheat Protein Isolate 8000, 10g Casein Protein Isolate, 10g Whey Protein Isolate, 5g Egg White Powder, 5g Egg Yolk Powder, 5g Inulin Powder

Wet Ingredients
10g Egg White
15g Water (Marsala Wine)
5g Butter
* Note : The original recipe is using “Marsala Wine”, but since I’m a moslem and can’t consume wine (alcohol) I use water to substitute the wine

* For Pastry Batter
Dry Ingredients
25g Keto-Flour (half the quantity from the Keto-Flour formula listed above)
0,5g Salt
0,5g Cinnamon Powder
2,5g Sucralose

Wet Ingredients
5g Coconut Oil
20g Butter

* For Crannoli Filling
120g Mascarpone Cheese
0,5g Salt
1g Vanilla Extract
10g Sucralose
10g Egg Yolk Powder

* For Crannoli Dough
Whisk all dry ingredients on a medium bowl. Add egg white and water gradually, then stir using spatula until a rough dough formed, then switch using hand to knead the dough until elastic. Add the softened butter and knead again until smooth

Rest the dough for 10 minutes

Divide the rested dough into 2 equal parts. Then using a pasta machine, roll each dough into stage 5 – 6 setting on the pasta machine

Rest the rolled dough back for another 10 minutes

* For Pastry Batter
On a small bowl, combine Keto-Flour with butter using spatula, until a rough batter formed. Add the coconut oil and mix again until completely combines

Rest the batter for 10 minutes at the refrigerator

* For Crannoli Filling
Add all the filling ingredients on a medium bowl, and stir using rubber spatula until completely combines

Remove the filling into a piping tube, set aside

* Assemble
On a silicone pad, spread the pastry batter evenly over each rolled dough

Fold each rolled dough from one side to the other side, making at least 4 – 5 fold into a square shape

Roll each folded dough to flatten it into 1/2 cm thick, by rolling it vertically and horizontally on both side of the dough

Cut each dough into a circle shape using round cookies cutter

Fold each dough on a roller pin or other pipe shape object, by pressing the surface contact of each dough edges using finger to create a seam

Refrigerate for 10 minutes, to make the pipe shape harden

Deep fry the dough using low to medium heat, until golden brown

Fill each Crannoli with the filling and serve with black coffee or green tea

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