Hobbit’s Keto Fathead pie crust

Hobbit's fathead pie crust
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Ahhh, there is definitely a snap in the air this morning! More than a snap actually, almost icy cold at a lovely (sarcasm is more than implied here 🙂 ) 22F this morning, dropped to 17 last night. Yeh, winter is here and tomorrow is the DAY OF FOOD!! Thanksgiving!! I do apologize for taking as long as I have to get some of these recipes up, between pre-holiday work crunch, testing things out, trying to figure out exactly what we are having for Turkey Day, and then changing things around even after that, I’ve been slacking a little. Also, with putting all the Keto Iron Chef’s recipes up, I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with more recipes than they could really look at and appreciate in one day. I have KIC’s recipes pretty much caught up so that should mellow out by the weekend.We all love pie, right? One of the challenges with making keto pie is the crust. There are many different ways to do this – almond flour crusts, coconut flour crusts, no crust, etc. I like mine a little closer to a traditional pastry crust so I use my modified fathead crust. I’ve used this in the past for Pumpkin tarts and danishes, so for me, the natural progression is to use it for PIE!!!I think it works :)Since people seem to struggle with some of the fathead recipes out there (including mine), I want to make a few points out:

  • The cheese is the key. Use low moisture, part skim cheese. This is important. I don’t care who’s brand you use, but I will say I’ve had better success with Sarengeto’s and surprisingly, the Great Value brand from Walmart. I use the latter most often because it works and it’s cheap.
  • I don’t use cream cheese in mine unlike the traditional fathead dough. In my experience, the dough is easier to work with without it. I recommend trying both the traditional and mine and see which works best for you.
  • HEAT IS YOUR FRIEND! In order for fathead to bind well and be easy to work with, you need to move fast and keep it warm. If you are mixing it and it just doesn’t seem to be combining well, nuke it for another 10 seconds. When forming your crusts, use your hands as much as possible, it helps keep some heat in it.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s make some crusts 🙂

Hobbit's fathead pie crust


<strong>Hobbit's </strong><strong>Fathead Pie crust</strong>

  • Servings: 2x9in crusts
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1.5 cups (145g) low moisture, part skim mozzarella cheese
  • 4 tbsp almond flour
  • 3 tbsp coconut flour
  • 4 tbsp butter melted
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup or equivalent sweetener
  • 1 egg


Let’s make the crust. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add one well-beaten egg, vanilla, and butter. Stir until well combined. Set aside. In a separate bowl, melt your mozzarella in the microwave on 30-40% (depending on power) for 2 minutes, stirring and blending after 1 minute. Immediately add this to the rest of the mixture and fold it over and over to incorporate as much of the cheese with the others. Nuke it for 10 seconds on high, then fold\kneed it until you have a uniform color with no obvious ‘cheesy’ spots. Repeat the nuke if you if it starts getting hard to work the cheese. Once you have it uniform, roll it into a ball, then nuke one more time for 10 seconds on high. Cut the ball in half and set one half aside.

Place it between two sheets of parchment or silicon baking mats. Press down with your hand to flatten it out as much as you can, then working from the center-out, use your hands to spread and press it into a circle.

Hobbit's fathead pie crust

Use your pie plate to check the size, you want it about 1.5″ bigger than the plate so you have room to up the sides as well as fold over to form that edge on the crust.

Hobbit's fathead pie crust

Once you have it the right size, peel off the top silicone mat\parchment. Lay it centered over the top of your pie plate, then slowly peel the other mat\parchment off.

Hobbit's fathead pie crust

Using your hands, gently press and shift the dough so it fills the bottom and goes up the sides. This is very forgiving dough, if it rips or wrinkles, just use your fingers to press and fix :).

Hobbit's fathead pie crust

Trim if needed, then fold over, pressing with your fingers or knuckles to form the top edge of the crust. It is now ready for filling\baking\freezing.

Hobbit's fathead pie crust

I have a video walk-through of the basic dough process if you are a visual person :).

Nutritional information (based off my ingredients, double-check!): Calories: 152, Fat: 12g, Protein: 8g, Carbs: 3g, Fiber: 2g, Net Carbs: 1g

Hey, if you read this and like it, feel free to give me some feedback in the comments. I’d love to hear from everyone on what they think of my ‘creations.’ If you have questions, ask! If you hate them, tell me 🙂. If you do your own tweaks, let me know, I love to learn new things!!

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  1. Thank God for The Hobbit

    1. 🙂 Thank you :). I’m having soooo much fun this week 🙂

      ~The Hobbit

  2. What a yum recipe! If you want to try Indian Keto recipes try – http://www.ketoforindia.com

  3. Can this be used for meat pies if I leave outthew sweetener and maybe just add some savoury herb?

  4. Most definitely. I add some tarragon and thyme into the dough along with replacing half the butter with bacon grease (if you hit the ‘Pizzas and Stuff’ link, this is the same recipe used for pizza and stromboli as well) to give it a nice savory taste, then use it to make chicken pot pie :).

  5. Do you prebake this crust or add the filling to an uncooked crust?

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