The Keto Iron Chef’s Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)

The Keto Iron Chef's Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)
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My Asian Keto-Meals

Good morning (at my time)
Its time to make some new “ketofied” recipes
This time I want to share about one of indonesian most favorite snack which called onde-onde
This snack is actually very high carbed insulin spiker snack that I had been avoiding for 2 years.. but now using my New Keto-Dough formula and ketofied fillings for this snack.. I can remake them all over again 😊

Here it goes

The Keto Iron Chef's Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)The Keto Iron Chef's Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)The Keto Iron Chef's Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)


Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: easy
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for Onde-Onde dough
Dry Ingredients
Keto-Flour 100g
* 50g inulin powder
* 15g whey protein isolate
* 15g micellar casein
* 20g egg yolk powder
(Sift all these ingredients together)
5g psyllium husk
2g salt
5g splenda
2g baking powder
(Add to the Keto-Flour and mix well)

Wet Ingredients
30g coconut milk/cream
30g warm water
(Combine this wet ingredients to the dry ingredients / Keto-Flour mix and knead until a dough is formed, then rest the dough for 30 minutes)

for Onde-Onde fillings
30g grated cheddar cheese
20g cream cheese, softened
20g egg yolk powder
10g splenda
2g salt
2g garlic powder
(Mix all these ingredients in a food processor or blender and form a 2g balls until all the fillings are used)

For Onde-Onde toppings
50g sesame seeds or dessicated coconuts
A small bowl of cold water for dipping the onde-onde dough

from the rested Onde-Onde dough, scale 10g of small dough balls until all used up

Flaten each dough balls on your palm and add the filling ball, then wrap it to make a perfect shape of ball again

Do this until all doughs and fillings are used up

Use the cold water in a small bowl to wet the onde-onde dough and roll it over a plate that have been spread with sesame seeds or dessicated coconuts. Roll carefully until each dough is covered with the sesame seeds or dessicated coconuts

Heat the frying pan with low heat and fill with coconut oil for deep frying

Test the oil with some sesame seeds to see if its ready, then fry all the dough until golden brown

Dont stir to much during frying otherwise the sesame seeds will detach from the dough

Drain them and serve while still warm, with black coffee or green tea

Note : be creative for the fillings, such as using peanut/almond butter and mix with grated cheese.

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