The Keto Iron Chef’s Keto Bread

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto Bread
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Good Morning (in my time)

As I have promised before, this monday I will post the recipe for Keto-Bread that doesn’t taste suck, and also have a texture and the properties almost exactly like a real bread.

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto Bread

I’ve been making several batch during my experiment and found the secret to soft & fluffy Keto-Bread was on the hydration level (120%) and the assembling methods. I’m using a “sponge & dough” method to get twice fermentation as in the “straight dough” method on regular white bread. Since Keto-Bread cannot rise twice if it use “straight dough” method which has bulk ferment & final proofing for rising the regular bread dough.

And I also use a “water roux” method (originally it’s Thangzhong Method for Asian Soft Breads) to keep the bread crumbs fluffy and hold the moisture better, so it won’t stall quickly and keep the crumbs soft.

This recipe will looks too technical but it is the best way that I’ve found after several trial & error that I’d encountered.

Proofing time is crucial for this Keto-Bread recipe, as over-proofing can lead to a collapsing bread after it bakes and result in a dense small bread.

Baking time is also crucial to make sure the crumbs are well baked. Using a thermometer to measure the crumbs temperature would be a good idea (it’s done when the center of the crumbs reach 200F)

Well here it goes

Keto-Bread Loaf

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: moderate
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(8,4g Net Carb / 87g Protein / 42g Fat) – 455g (whole)
(0,5g Net Carb / 5,4g Protein / 2,6g Fat) – 28g (perSlice)
(Gluten Free, Nuts Free, Seeds Free)

* Keto-Bread Flour Mix
100g Inulin Powder
40g Casein Protein Isolate
20g Whey Protein Isolate
20g Egg White Powder
10g Egg Yolk Powder
10g Psyllium Husk
4g Xanthan Gum or Guar Gum
1g Cream of Tartar
4g Salt

Wet Ingredient
* Liquid Mix
20g Whip Cream
20g Coconut Milk
110g Warm Water
Total Liquid Mix = 150g

* Egg Mix
60g Eggs (one large eggs)
10g Cider Vinegar
4g Splenda
4g Vanilla Essence
2g Honey (consumed by the yeast on main dough proofing)

* Oil Mix
8g Coconut Oil
8g Melted Butter

Assemble the ingredients above into :
* Water Roux
10g Keto-Flour
50g Liquid Mix

* Sponge Mix
100g Keto-Flour
100g Liquid Mix
3g Instant Dry Yeast
2g Honey (consumed by the yeast on sponge dough proofing)

Main Dough Mix (30 minutes final proofing)
90g Keto-Flour
Water Roux Mixture
Egg Mixture
6g Instant Dry Yeast
2g Honey
Risen Sponge Dough (divide into 4 – 6 slices)
6g Baking Powder
3g Baking Soda
Oil Mixtures

Sift all the Keto-Flour ingredients together then divide and scale them evenly into 2 medium bowl, set aside
Combine coconut milk and warm water on a medium bowl, stir until dissolve, set aside

Combine one large egg, apple cider vinegar, splenda, honey and vanilla essence on a medium bowl, mix thoroughly until all the ingredients dissolve

Prepare the oil mix by combining coconut oil & melted butter on a small bowl, stir until combine

Scale the sponge dough yeast and the main dough yeast on separate container

Scale the baking powder and baking soda on a small container

For the Water Roux : on a small sauce pan, stir & combine the water roux ingredients. Using a low heat stir the mixture with spatula until it form a thick pudding consistency (if you use thermometer stop cooking when the batter reach 65C).

For the Sponge Dough : on a standing mixer, pour the liquid mix, add the honey and the instant dry yeast then stir until combine. Wait for 5 minutes until it start to bubbles, then add the Sponge Dough Keto-Flour and mix with speed 1 to 3 until a tacky dough formed.

Kneading & Bulk Ferment : Move the dough on a sill plate and knead the dough using egg yolk powder as the bench flour. The final sponge dough should be dry but a little tacky if you press deep with your finger.

Ferment the sponge dough until 1,5x the original size (not 2x like regular white flour dough). It takes around 20 minutes to 30 minutes to proof the dough on a warm spot.

For the Main Dough : on a standing mixer, pour the egg mix, add the honey and the instant dry yeast then stir until combine. Wait for 5 minutes until it start to bubbles, then add the Water Roux mixture, and the Main Dough Keto-Flour and mix with speed 1 until they form a thick batter.
Sprinkle the baking powder and baking soda, then continue to mix until dissolves.

Cut the risen sponge dough into 4 – 6 pieces and combine with the mixed batter one at a time by also increasing the mixer speed to level 2.

After a tacky dough start to forms, add oil mixtures into the dough and raise the speed to level 3 until a slightly tacky dough forms.

Shaping The Loaf : Move the final dough to sill plate and knead the dough using egg yolk powder as the bench flour until a smooth dough formed.

Roll the dough into rectangles using roller pin (1/2 inch thick dough), then fold each side of the rectangles into the middle, rotate 90 degree then roll again into rectangle.
Fold the dough forward into a log, and seam each side of the log.

Final Proofing & Baking The Loaf : Move the dough into a greased loaf pan, and press the dough until flat and fill the loaf pan evenly.

Preheat the oven into 300F

Proof the dough using plastic wrap to cover the loaf pan on a warm spot. Proof only until the dough has risen to 1,5x time it’s size (around 20 minutes – 30 minutes), then brush some egg wash before baking the risen dough for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Turn off the oven then immediately brush the baked loaf with some butter and wait for 10 minutes before removing the loaf to the wire rack.

The Keto Iron Chef's Keto BreadThe Keto Iron Chef's Keto Bread

* I made sweet cheese filled buns too with some left over, and turns out amazing.. Yumms

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