Keto Iron Chef – Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)
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An Asian cuisine
It’s a Keto-Crackers, that can be made with many protein source options like fish, prawns, crabs, chickens etc

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

This crackers is so much better and tasty than an ordinary Keto-Tortilla chips which only use seasoning for it taste. And also this crackers will give more nutrients profile than any crackers recipes for its versatility in protein source addition

I don’t think I can make it to write down the recipes for Keto-Cronut & Keto-Eclairs that I’ve promised to some member of the keto-group, since monday is almost over in US.

Well the recipes had just to wait for the next Monday then, I hope not to disappoint anyone that have request them

This one for you @Kay Wong

Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Nutrition Fact (without counting the absorbed fat from deep frying with the coconut oil)

* 1 serving 126g (3,3g Net Carb : 22,6g Protein : 12,4g Fat)

Dry Ingredients
35g Inulin Powder
10g Casein Protein Isolate
5g Egg White Powder
1,5g Psyllium Husk
1g Xanthan Gum
1g Baking Soda
1,5g Baking Powder
2g Salt
2g Garlic Powder
1g Pepper
2g Beef Broth Powder

Wet Ingredients
50g Mackerel Fish
5g Coconut Oil
10ml Warm Water (only to adjust the hydration to get the pasta dough consistency)

Coconut oil for deep frying

Sift all dry ingredients together until well combines on a mixer bowl

Using food processor or a blender, turn the mackerel into a smooth batter consistency, using some water to help the process

Combine the mackerel into the mixer bowl and mix a pasta dough consistency is reached, by adjusting with warm water to get the hydration right (I use only 10ml of water to adjust, since the mackerel have already hydrated on the blender)

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

Knead the crackers dough with hand for several minutes then proceed with roller pin to shape the dough into thin rectangles (1/2 inch thick)

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

Proceed the dough to be rolled on the pasta machine until the thinnest setting you can reach without torning the dough sheet. (I made it into stage 7 from the 9 stage available on the pasta machine)

Slice the rolled dough into squares (5 x 5 inch) and followed by deep frying them until golden brown

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

Serve with curry dishes or with Keto-Fried Rice from the previous post

Keep the left over in a sealed jar to keep them crisp

Keto Iron Chef - Keto-Crackers (Fish / Prawn Crackers)

* Note : be creative with the crackers combination by using chickens, meats or prawns

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