Keto Iron Chef – Fasted Morning Bodyweight Exercises

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Fasted Morning Bodyweight Exercises


Is the protocol I use everyday during Keto + IF regimen, which is very useful to accelerate the energy during the day (increased body fat lipolysis), increase endurance and also effective for reducing appetite (Ghrelin hormone suppression) or avoiding any hypoglycaemia (Demand for Ketone Production) symptoms that could occurs during fasting.

This protocols can be used during the day when there is no cardio such as jogging, running or biking included.

And I suggest performing this morning protocols at least 5 days within a week and adding 1 to 2 days of cardio for the other day of the week

Adding 5 day of Fasted Weight Training within 2 – 3 hours before breaking the fast , would be the most effective regimen for total fat loss program, which also build the frame for future metabolism and increased BMR through the lean mass added.

As I promise to some friends on keto group and the rest of you who interested in combining Keto + IF protocols for accelerated Fat Loss and breaking Keto Fat Loss Plateus, well
Here it goes

* How to perform “Fasted Morning Bodyweight Exercise” in 12 set for 30 minutes to 45 minutes every morning to jump start the Metabolism and Energy Boost for Intermittent Fasting Protocols (16/8 to 20/4)

Compound Exercise 1
Set (1 – 3 ) = Sit Up 10x, Cross Body Crunch 10x, Side Bridge10x (No rest between set)
Rest 30 sec

Compound Exercise 2
Set (4 – 6) = Superman 10x, Butt Lift Bridge 10x, Single Leg Glute Bridge 10x (No rest between set)
Rest 30 sec

Compound Exercise 3
Set (7 – 9) = Leg Lift 10x, Front Leg Raise 10x, Side Leg Raise 10x (No rest between set)
Rest 30 sec

Compound Exercise 4
Set (10 – 12) = Bodyweight Squat 10x, Side Lunge 10x, Split Jump 10x (Rest 15 second between set)

Video Link…/name/superman
(3 set X 10 reps)…/de…/view/name/butt-lift-bridge
(3 set X 10 reps)…/name/leg-lift
(3 set X 10 reps)…/…/name/single-leg-glute-bridge
(3 set X 10 reps)…/de…/view/name/bodyweight-squat
(3 set X 10 reps)…/d…/view/name/cross-body-crunch
(3 set X 10 reps)…/detail/…/name/34-sit-up
(3 set X 10 reps)…/detail/view/name/bent-knee-hi…
(3 set X 10 reps)…/de…/view/name/front-leg-raises
(3 set X 10 reps)…/…/view/name/side-bridge
(3 set X 10 reps)…/view/name/side-lunge
(3 set X 10 reps)…/view/name/split-jump
(3 set X 10 reps)

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