Keto Iron Chef’s Ketofied cronut

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut
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Keto Iron Chef’s Ketofied cronut

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut

This pastry recipe is dedicated to all keto-baking lovers.
Making cronut is achievable without the gluten, and I had succeed making the ketofied cronut without it. And I also find a new way to make this pastry dough to be folded like a croissant method but without the need of refrigerating. Coz I’m suspending the butter with the Keto-Flour so they won’t easily melt during the folding. Awesome huh.. LOL
It is the trick that I duplicate from making the previous recipe for Keto-Bakpia (Cheese Filling Pies)

So pastry is going to be easier now for you ketoers.

Let’s see how this Keto-Cronut created, here it goes
Keto-Cronut” servings=1
Author: Keto Iron Chef
Nutrition: (Net Carb 3,9g / Protein 40,7g / Fat 46,4g)


For The Dough
Dry Ingredients
25g Inulin Powder
10g Casein Protein Isolate
5g Whey Protein Isolate
10g Egg White Powder
5g Egg Yolk Powder
2,5g Psyllium Husk
1g Xanthan Gum
2g Instant Dry Yeast
1,5g Salt
1,5g Vanilla Extract
2,5g Splenda (Optional)

Wet Ingredients
25g Egg
1g Honey (consumed by the yeast on proofing)
10g Heavy Cream
10g Warm Water
5g Coconut Oil

For The Pastry Batter
10g Inulin Powder
10g Casein Protein Isolate
20g Butter
(Mix all the ingredients above with a spatula until forming a thick batter consistency, set aside)

* Topping
10g Butter
5g Cream Cheese
5g Splenda
5g Egg Yolk Powder
10g Grated Cheddar Cheese

Sift all the Dry ingredients together onto a standing mixer bowl

Add egg, honey, then mix with low speed until a crumble dough formed

Add heavy cream and warm water gradually, raise into medium speed until the dough getting elastic

Add the coconut oil and raise into high speed until the dough become smooth, then start using your hand to knead the dough, until a smooth elastic dough has formed.

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut

Roll out the dough into rectangle shape, then spread the pastry butter on half side of the rectangle.

Fold the dough into quarter then roll again into rectangle. Fold one more time into quarter then roll again into rectangle.

Make one last fold into quarter, then shape the dough into doughnut shape.

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronutKeto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut

(see the post pictures for the folding method)

Proof (ferment) the dough on a warm spot for 30 minutes until 1,5x its original size.

Deep fried the risen dough with coconut oil on medium to low heat for 2 minutes on each side, until golden brown

Drain the Keto-Cronut on a strainer, set aside.

Mix butter, cream cheese, egg yolk powder and splenda on a medium bowl using spatula.

Spread the butter mixture onto the Keto-Cronut evenly, then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese by also pressing them lightly over the butter mixture.

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut

Serve with black coffee or green tea

Keto Iron Chef's Ketofied cronut

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