To Ketofy or not ketofy, that is the question. Why we do what we do.

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“Ketofied Foods = Foods Adventures on Keto = Permanent Keto Lifestyle. Who wants to be bored to death with limited foods options on Keto…While we live in a food society world with many carbed modified foods around the world, KETOFYING is a must hobby for every ketoers.. otherwise.. it will just be another on and off diet with many excuses”
~Tyo Prasetyo

This perfectly sums up part of the reason we do what we do when it comes to this blog and the FB groups we belong to. Ketofying food for us is taking a temporary change in diet and making it a lifestyle change that is sustainable. While we respect the opinions of those who say ‘just be strong’ and ‘you are going to regret ketofying “normal” foods,’ we strongly disagree. It doesn’t always work that way.

Tyo sums up the first one pretty clearly. Since the beginning of civilization, our cultures in one way or another have a strong link to food. Historically, feasts have been a method of celebration, giving thanks, offering up respect to a deity, and an important part of our social interaction. Don’t think so? Chew on this for a minute. This is a short list of things that point right to my statement just in the US right in this century:

  • Passover
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Cookouts
  • Dinner on dates
  • Celebration banquets
  • Business lunches
  • School functions

Outside of these ‘special occasions,’ for many families and couples, dinner table is a place to gather without the distractions of a TV\computer\phone\work\school to reconnect emotionally over the day, talk about future plans, and just enjoy each other’s company. We meet and connect over food. It’s what we do as social creatures. While the food part isn’t the focus of these gatherings, it is an important part of it.

Ketofying foods allows everyone to be on the same playing field. Have you ever been out with someone and have them look at the bland salad you’re having while they are chowing down on a burger and say ‘I feel bad for you eating that’ or ‘come on, you can give it a break this once?’ By ketofying food, we actually REMOVE that social barrier of discomfort by having something that is attractive, tasty, and healthy all at the same time and removes that isolation.

Those of you with families, how much work is it to make 2 different meals? A lot. What if you could make one meal that tastes good and everyone can enjoy? What about those special occasions? Should you be an outcast because you ‘can’t have any of the good stuff?’


In the process, you are giving those you care about healthy food that tastes good. That, my friends is a win-win. There is absolute NO reason we cannot have the best of both worlds. None.

There’s a second part to this and it specifically applies to people with atypical neurology – depressions, anxiety, ADD, other mood disorders. People who do not fit into the ‘perfect world’ or ‘think like everyone else’ can find ANY diet or change of lifestyle difficult if not crippling. We resist change, it throws off our balance, and can take what would be a simple uncertainty to overcome for some and thrust us into a funk that is hard to recover from. There’s another part of this and has to deal with ‘cheating.’ When people like us ‘cheat,’ we feel horrible afterwards not just physically, but emotionally. While others can shake it off as a misstep, for many it is a failure. Those who don’t understand this cannot grasp the difference to us, a ‘failure’ becomes ‘we are a failure.’ The darkness comes soon after that, and we give up because since we are failures at what others seem to do effortlessly, we are not able to continue or ‘get back on the horse.’ There’s something wrong with us. We will never succeed. We are destined to be less than them.

We are not.
We are valuable.
We are not failures.
We are different.
We need different approaches.
We CAN succeed.

Ketofying foods gives us that option. When a moment of indecision stretches to an overwhelming desire to stuff something sweet or ‘naughty’ in our mouths, while others have three options, we only have two – eat whatever we can find at the local convenience store, or eat something we have already here that will give us that hit we need while still keeping us on track. We don’t have the ‘just say no’ option. There’s an additional benefit to this – imagine the pride and emotional response you get when you realize you just ate BROWNIES

Moist and soft brownies, with secret ingredients - less than one net carb each!

…and the next day you are down a pound. GO YOU!!!

Some call these ‘trigger foods’ that makes you want carbs. I don’t quite get that logic, if you have something that satisfies you right at your fingertips, what is there to trigger you towards? Eating the whole tray? Fine. Do it. You will be fine. What many don’t tell you is it takes 3500 ADDITIONAL CALORIES above and beyond what you will burn in a day to put on ONE POUND OF FAT.

That’s 10 Snickers bars.
30 of my brownies I linked above.
PLUS a Big Macs.
At once.
PLUS whatever you’ve eaten already for the day.

Fine. Let it be a trigger food. If all we have is frigging delicious keto food, we’re good with that. I’ll puke before I can eat 10 trays of brownies 🙂

Keep Calm, Keto On.
LCHF doesn’t have to me Lousy Cooking, Horrible Flavor.
You’ve got this.
I’ve got this.
WE’VE got this.

~The Hobbit

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  1. Sustainability is the key to this way of eating and if that means Ketofying food to keep me here. Guess what? I’m ketofying it!

    1. I knew you’d get it 🙂

      ~The Hobbit

  2. Yes! This! Exactly this! Someone linked this post in a group I’m in and now I have to devout your blog. I’m part of the “only two choices” tribe, surrounded by the “it’s a matter of willpower” tribe. I suddenly feel like I’ve potentially found home.

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel good :). Yes, I get frustrated when I read some of the responses in some Facebook groups or comments in other blogs. We are not all alike, no matter how hard they may want us to be. Life is hard enough as it is without having to struggle with someone telling us we’re doing everything wrong when we are doing the best we can for ourselves. I’ve been booted out of a couple of groups for my views, but I will not change them because I know for me (and there are others like me), this is what we need to make a successful transition in this lifestyle. One size does not fit all, and you will not force me to fit where I cannot.

      I’m thankful you found some peace and can identify with what I wrote. I’m in this for the long haul and want to help and support others like me. Thank you so much for commenting and reading :). Keep Calm, Keto On. We’ve got this 🙂

      ~The Hobbit

  3. I have lived the last 46 years eating certain foods. They are comfort foods, traditional foods and linked to special memories with relatives no longer here. If I cannot have some version of these foods I know I will sink into a depression or simply derail and cheat. You are a lifesaver with your ketofying magic! Thank you!

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