Joy to the world…a little too early for that??? What if I ply you with Almond Joy cookies? Keto ones?

Keto Almond Joy Cookies
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Today feels like winter is soon here. Not a happy camper about that :(. Got the snow and ice shovels out, snow should be here soon which isn’t making me happy :(.


So, to make me feel better about this crap, I decided that even though I feel like crap still from this cold, I was going to do some baking. I got asked to ketofy an Almond Joy cookie recipe and figured this would be a good day to try it. Now, this request came with a special stipulation – no chocolate. I KNOW!!! NO CHOCOLATE??
That works :).
The Lady isn’t that big of a chocolate fan, she makes it for me (yeh, she’s a keeper) but really isn’t all that fond of it herself. What does she really like? Coconut. Almonds.
See where I’m going with this?
I thought so :).
She will like these if I get them right.
I was wrong.
She didn’t like them.
She loved them 🙂

Now, if you are not of the same mind, definitely feel free to drizzle (or DUNK into) chocolate all over these bad boys. I had some too, they are not missing anything without the chocolate (well, besides the chocolate) and stand well on their own. Wanna make some?
I had to make them twice today, the first batch was gone before cooled :).

Keto Almond Joy cookies (makes 24)


  • 24 whole almonds
  • 4.00 Tablespoons, Coconut Flour
  • 0.50 cup(s), Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
  • 0.50 cups(s) Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • 2.00 tbsp(s), Raw Coconut Butter
  • 0.50 cup(s), Butter melted
  • 2.00 large, Eggs
  • 1.00 tsp(s), Baking Powder
  • 2.00 tsp(s), Vanilla extract
  • 1 cup granulated stevia

Preheat oven to 350F

Mix until well combined the butter, eggs, vanilla, and stevia. Add the rest of the dry ingredients except the nuts. Mix well, you should get a thick dough.
Keto Almond Joy Cookies

This is important as coconut (flour and shredded) absorb a lot of liquid. To make these easiest to form, let them sit before spooning them out. Spoon\scoop onto parchment or silicon mat on a baking sheet.

Flatten slightly, then press one almond into the top of each cookie.

Keto Almond Joy Cookies

Place in the oven for 8-12 minutes or until the edges brown. Remove from oven, let cool to the touch before removing off sheet to finish cooling on a rack (or on the way to your belly).

Keto Almond Joy Cookies

Keto Almond Joy Cookies

Nutritional information (per serving cookie) : Calories: 72, Fat: 7, Protein: 1, Carbs: 2, Fiber: 1, Net carbs: 1

Hey, if you read this and like it, feel free to give me some feedback in the comments. I’d love to hear from everyone on what they think of my ‘creations.’ If you have questions, ask! If you hate them, tell me 🙂. If you do your own tweaks, let me know, I love to learn new things!! Also, follow me on Pinterest so you can easily save these to your boards! The link to my account is at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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  1. Made these today for hubby, he loves coconut! Used some SF chocolate chips and coconut oil (melted) for drizzle on top. Outstanding! Easy, fast and delicious.

    1. AWESOME!! Thanks for the update, I’m so excited he enjoyed them!

      ~The Hobbit

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