Feta, spinach, and pine nuts (???) savory pastry. Even ‘carb-eaters’ would love this.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry
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Today has been a pretty laid back day, The Lady has been hanging out, watching some movies (definitely recommend ‘The Loft’ if you like thrillers), and just being the lovely person she is :). Saturdays are nice, no work and nothing really pressuring us to much if we don’t want to. Didn’t feel like hitting the dump today, that will happen tomorrow. Actually, I could have gone either way on the dump but when I go to the dump, The Lady uses that time to clean the house (Hobbits can be messy). I’ve said we live in a small place, the dump is 5 minutes up the road, I usually take a swing through the Freecycle tent (which is where I got the Wilton pan I use to make my McGriddle clones), and by the time I get back, it’s clean. She takes good care of me :). That didn’t happen today, she looked pretty relaxed and comfy in her recliner, braid laying across her shoulder so I decided I could skip the dump today :). I’ve had restless energy today so they say abs are made in the kitchen so I decided to try to make a six-pack :). And since she’s so frigging awesome all the time, I thought I’d do something really special today just for her.

The Lady suggested this one, she found the ‘real’ thing on line and asked me if I thought I could make it keto. Ha. Not a problem. This came together pretty easy and tastes pretty damn good. Good enough to pass as ‘normal’ food. What really impressed is how nice it ended up looking. It has an elegance to it, I could see this being served to a treasured guest, with them none-the-wiser that it’s keto. Put this on the table and they will think you did something special, against your lifestyle, just for them. Which you did, just not the way they think. Yeh, it will be our little secret :). Follow it up with some pumpkin tarts for dessert and you will hit a home run!

As probably no surprise by this point, I drew on the power of fathead to make this come together. Have I mentioned how much I love using fathead for so many different things? Every time I read on Facebook someone asking about it, I cannot help myself but brag about how many things you can make with it. No, it’s not just for pizza crust, that is for damn sure. I used my basic fathead recipe – unmodified – as the base for this one, then the rest of it comes together pretty easy. You will note a couple of different things in the baking though, so when you get to the recipe, pay attention and this will come out amazing. Ready to wow the in-laws or boss or just make a loved one feel special? Let’s rock some pastry!

Savory Spinach-feta-pine nut pastry


  • 4.00 tbsp(s), Finely Ground Almond Meal Flour (Net Carbs)
  • 3.00 Tablespoons, Coconut Flour
  • 4.00 tbsp(s), Butter – Salted
  • 1.00 egg, Large Egg – Generic
  • 1.5 cups, Fresh Mozzarella
  • 2.00 tbsp(s), Nuts, pine nuts, dried
  • 1/4 cup Mozzarella shredded for filling
  • 4.00 oz(s), Cheese, feta
  • 1.50 cup, Spinach – Raw
  • olive oil or egg white for wash
  • 1 tbsp poppy, fennel, caraway, or sesame seeds (optional)

First, let’s make the crust. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add one well-beaten egg and the butter. Stir until well combined. Set aside. In a separate bowl, melt your mozzarella in the microwave on 30-40% (depending on power) for 2 minutes, stirring and blending after 1 minute. Immediately add this to the rest of the mixture and fold it over and over to incorporate as much of the cheese with the others. Nuke it for 10 seconds on high, then fold\kneed it until you have a uniform color with no obvious ‘cheesy’ spots. Repeat the nuke if you if it starts getting hard to work the cheese. Once you have it uniform, roll it into a ball, then nuke one more time for 10 seconds on high. Place it between two sheets of parchment or silicon baking mats. Press down with your hand to flatten it out as much as you can, then using a rolling pin to roll out the dough in a large rectangle of uniform thickness (about the thickness of two quarters stacked). Trim if needed.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry
Again, if this isn’t clear and you want pics, see my earlier post – Fathead Stromboli for the win! (opens in new tab).

Next, take the mozzarella and sprinkle it down the center of the dough, then do the same for the feta.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Now lay the spinach on top, then sprinkle the pine nuts to finish up the stack. Yeh. Pine nuts. You can leave them out if you don’t have any (seriously, who keeps them around but us?), but if you can use them, you should. They add a unique texture to the finished pastry and they don’t taste like pine needles once cooked. I promise. 🙂

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Starting at one end, make slices down each side about 1/3rd of the way across. This will let you braid\wrap the dough across the top of the filling. I used a cheese knife today, just the perfect size.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

One you have the slices done, starting at each end, alternating until you meet in the middle, lay each strip over the top to create a braided appearance. Don’t worry, you don’t need to really braid it, just criss-cross them :). Then brush the top with some olive oil or egg wash, sprinkle the top with poppy, fennel, sesame, or caraway seeds for that extra effect. Let it sit for a few minutes while you pre-heat your oven to 350F.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Place in the oven, toss a few ice cubes on the oven floor and quickly shut the door. The ice cubes will flash steam, giving the dough a nice crust when done. Let it back for 15-20 minutes or until the top has a nice brown crust.

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Cut into 4 pieces and serve!

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Keto Spinach-feta savory pastry

Nutritional information per serving (based off my ingredients, double-check!): Calories: 392, Fat: 34g, Protein: 16g, Carbs: 6g, Fiber: 3g, Net Carbs: 3g

Hey, if you read this and like it, feel free to give me some feedback in the comments. I’d love to hear from everyone on what they think of my ‘creations.’ If you have questions, ask! If you hate them, tell me 🙂. If you do your own tweaks, let me know, I love to learn new things!!

~The Hobbit

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